2 x 50 Lollipop Craft Sticks (Coloured) by Ark

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  • Coloured lollipop sticks
  • Various Coloured wooden lolly sticks for children’s craft and art projects
  • Standard size coloured lolly sticks, supplied in packs of 100

3 reviews for 2 x 50 Lollipop Craft Sticks (Coloured) by Ark

  1. Sarah Wayne

    Fab!! Just what we wanted. Can be used (I’ve been told) to make lots of different arty crafty projects (or just to make light sabers over and over again, like my 5yr old!)

  2. Tish

    good colours, plenty in the packet. Thank you

  3. Anav

    Good value for price. Lovely colours, and fair quality (though some are a little splintered/bent/marked), but perfect for what I wanted them for! Thank you!

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