A Blister Pack of Pearls Round or Teardrop


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A Blister Pack of Pearls with holes : Round or Teardrop

Can be wired or used with pins to create design in boutiques,buttonholes, headdresses and arrangement

  • B1523  :  white , ivory , iridescent  – Round 3mm 216 pcs
  • B1524 :  white , ivory , iridescent  – Round 4mm 120 pcs
  • B1525  :  white , ivory , iridescent  – Round 5mm 90pcs
  • B1528:   white , ivory , iridescent  – Teardrop 6mm 100pcs
  • B1530 :   white , ivory , iridescent  – Teardrop 10mm 20pcs


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B1523 IR- 3mm Round, B1523 WH – 3mm Round, B1524 IR – 4mm Round, B1524IV-4mm Round, B1524WH -4mm Round, B1525IR- 5mm Round, B1525IV-5mm Round, B1525WH-5mm Round, B1528WH-6mm Rice Pearls, B1530WH-10mm Teardrop


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